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We are a team of investors and engineers who care about crypto. We are early investors in all the networks we provide and have contributed to all of them.Low Fees. Transparent. Secure.

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We run networks of varying complexity, but our approach is simplicity. Simple infrastructure results in high maintainability, high uptimes, and predictable performance. We audit all access and changes and restrict direct machine access almost completely.We invest our assets in the same infrastructure we provide to you, so you know we care just as much as you.

Solana Fee = 0%
Please find our Solana validator here

We have run our nodes since the conception of Solana's early testnets and we are proud to have supported the network since then.

Covalent Fee = 6%
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We are one of the ten nodes that started the network during may 2022.

Mina Fee = 0%
Please find our Mina validator here

We are one of the Mina Genesis founding nodes selected by the Mina Foundation to launch the Mina Blockchain

Avalanche Fee = 2%
Please find our Avalanche validator here

We run a validator with top uptime and our fees are the lowest in Avalanche

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Why LFV?

Transparent: NO surprises.Secure: our infra is well maintained.Open: you can communicate with us easily.Decentralization: we really care about blockchain.

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We'll go always low fees and your funds will grow faster. Just check the difference between a two and a ten percent... If you do a calculation you'll see how your wealth evolves in tremendous different ways :)And if you have any q just ask us!

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